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Dr. Tonya Kuhl

Tonya Kuhl, chemical engineering with coffee professor, sits on Peak Cucamonga

Coffee and chemical engineering – believe it or not – are two things that go great together. If you are interested in learning more about coffee or are contemplating a major in STEM, this course is for you.

I grew up in Arizona and figured out that I liked science and math pretty early on, but mostly when they helped me understand the physical world around me and solve problems. I wasn’t sure what my path would be at the University of Arizona, but stumbled into chemical engineering and found a fun, challenging opportunity to learn. After completing my bachelor’s, I attended UC Santa Barbara and earned my Ph.D., while getting married and starting a family. I came to UC Davis in 2000 and have a passion for helping students find their way. I am chair of the UC Davis Department of Chemical Engineering and co-director of the UC Davis Coffee Center.

Join Kristen and I as we explore chemistry and engineering problem solving through the lens of coffee roasting and brewing. We will tackle a range of important fundamental topics through hands-on labs and develop your understanding, problem solving skills and technical communication skills in a friendly and fun environment.