Esohe Fawole

Kristen Fawole, chemical engineering of coffee instructor, poses near Golden Gate bridge

I grew up in Columbia, Maryland, raised by Nigerian parents. Like most immigrants, my parents expected me to either be a doctor, lawyer or an engineer. Luckily for them, I loved math, physics and chemistry, and decided to pursue a career in chemical engineering after high school. Apart from my studies, I spent most of my time tutoring kids in my neighborhood, which is when I started to consider teaching as a potential occupation. I received a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Cornell University and I am currently working towards completing my Ph.D. in chemical engineering from UC Davis.

Throughout my time at UC Davis, I’ve been involved as a teaching assistant (TA) and head TA for The Design of Coffee. Consistent engagement with students inspired me to explore chemical engineering educational research and pursue a career as a teaching-track professor. My current research employs statistical analysis of teaching engineering and non-engineering students fundamental chemical engineering principles using coffee and the propensity of non-STEM students to switch into STEM majors after taking The Design of Coffee course. I am honored and excited to co-lead the UC Davis Pre-College Program: Chemical Engineering with Coffee and I hope to help you discover an appreciation for coffee!