Summer Pre-College Programs FAQs

  • Do you offer any scholarships or financial aid?
  • We do not currently offer any form of scholarship or financial aid.
  • I am interested in a program you previously offered that is not listed on your current website. Will you be offering that program this year?
  • Programs are decided each year based on staff and department availability, so we cannot guarantee that all program offerings will be available each year.

    All confirmed and previously offered programs are displayed on our website. To indicate interest in a previous program, please click “Notify Me” next to your program of interest.

    To receive notifications about upcoming programming, make sure to sign up for our mailing list by filling out the “Get More Info” form on our website.
  • I will be entering high school next year/graduating from high school this summer. Am I eligible to attend?
  • Please check the description of the program you are hoping to attend. Our instructors provide us with guidelines to help us decide grade-level requirements for each program. Regardless of grade level, we do not accept students younger than 14 or older than 18 in the program.
  • How do I enroll?
  • Please visit our Enrollment Process page to learn more about the application and enrollment guidelines.

    Please visit our Dates and Fees page for more details about prices associated with application and enrollment.

  • While I'm in the program, can I explore the campus or Bodega Bay on my own?
  • Students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by program staff at all times during the program, in accordance with University Policy.

    Students over the age of 18 are asked to stay with the group and under supervision in order to create a safe and fair atmosphere for all participants.

    Commuter students will be asked to sign in every morning when they arrive on campus and sign out before leaving campus for the evening. Once students have signed out, supervision and further program activities will not be provided until the following day.

    Bodega Marine Lab is located on a protected reserve, so access rules for all staff, instructors and participants are regulated more strictly.

  • Can international students participate in the Summer Pre-College Programs?
  • Our Summer Pre-College Programs provide an extraordinary cultural and academic opportunity for international students. Because our pre-college program is academically rigorous, participation requires a very high level of English proficiency. In addition to the standard application requirements, international students are also asked to submit language proficiency exam scores, such as TOEFL or IELTS as additional documents during the application process.

    If you need a visa to enter the United States, you will need to obtain a B-2 visitor visa. This program does not qualify students for an F-1 student visa. Please note that there may be fees related to visa processing that are not paid to UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education and that are not included in the program costs listed on our website.

    Health Insurance: Please be sure that proof of health insurance coverage provided in the application is accepted in the United States.

    International students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to ensure time for visa processing. Later applications will be accepted but because visa processing time varies, the UC Davis Summer Pre-College Programs cannot be responsible for guaranteeing completion before the program start date.

  • Can I drive myself to the Program?
  • Yes, but if leaving your car parked on campus, you will need to pay the visitor parking rates set by the campus parking authority, TAPS. Visit to learn more about current rates and paying for parking on Campus.

    Please note that commuter and residential students will be expected to travel by bus/on foot/by bicycle with other students during scheduled program activities.

  • What are your policies about Covid-19 vaccination?
  • There are no Covid-related restrictions or vaccination requirements for UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education students at this time. Please stay home if you're sick.

    Get more information about current guidelines and policies at the UC Davis Campus Ready website.

  • How are students paired in double occupancy dorms?
  • Students are paired based on how they self-identify in the application as either male, female or nonbinary. As per UC Davis housing guidelines “Student Housing and Dining Services will recognize and respect the gender identity the student has established. Staff will not ask for any more information than is required to meet the student's housing needs, and all disclosed information will be kept private.” In addition, “Our LGBTQIA+ students are valued members of the on-campus living community at UC Davis. UC Davis offers a variety of housing options for students, including room configurations that are designated as male, female and gender inclusive.” Therefore, the policy of the Pre-College Program is to place students with another student who has identified as the same gender. All information about gender is considered private, we will not be shared with any third parties. Roommate requests can be made on the application.

    For more information about UC Davis Housing and gender inclusivity, visit:  

  • Can parents visit?
  • Please know that each Pre-College program has class activities and extracurricular activities every day, including on the weekends. We ask that residential students commit to completing the full two-week program. Visits from parents are highly discouraged since it requires the time and effort of staff to arrange and monitor which is beyond our available resources at this time and may serve as a disruption to the planned curriculum. Parents may remove their student from the course at any time, but unless the absence is due to an emergency they will not be able to return for the remainder of the program.
  • I have a different specific question. Who do I get in contact with?
  • You can reach program staff for specific questions by emailing us at