The Clouds

I still hadn’t opened my eyes as I lay on my side on the pavement in the parking lot of the Elevester Hotel located in Norway’s Jotunheiman Mountains National Park. We stopped for the night in the old-style hotel recommended in the Rick Steves’ travel guide to Norway. Our first night was spent at Aud’s home in Hernes with her second husband, Geir. She married again after her husband Kjell, my cousin, and daughter Suzanna, were killed in a tragic auto accident the day they returned home after visiting us during the 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer.

A Beautiful Death

Ken was in and out of consciousness over a three-day period before he fell into a coma. During that time our house was ablaze in love, a love that you could feel like a sparkle on the skin and a glow in the heart of everyone there.