Student Reviews

Terence Kelley, M.S., scientific lead and epidemiologist, California Stroke Registry/California Coverdell Program, California Department of Public Health’s Chronic Disease Control Branch

This is a very important program. You can get the same training through the SAS institute, but it’s more expensive and is not necessarily going to focus on healthcare data.

David Wood, assistant director of quality management, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula

The wide array of hands-on experiences throughout the program is a great opportunity to explore tools and techniques that may be helpful in your organization.”

Kennedy Taylor, Ph.D., research data specialist, California Department of Healthcare Services

“I would recommend this program to someone making a career change like me. I really enjoyed it and it was very helpful.”

Kristin Seidl, Ph.D., RN, clinical data scientist, University of Maryland Medical Center, and assistant professor, University of Maryland’s School of Nursing

“The instructors were incredible, and in fact, it is what I think makes this program so great. Yes, the content was appropriate and relevant, but it was the instructors who made it timely, relevant and immediately applicable.

William Lance Rodgers 

“Overall, the program presents multiple innovative ideas used to improve quality or cut costs, which can spur new ideas in the future.”

Charis Takaro, Project/Policy Analyst, UC Berkeley

“The online learning platform, course design (semi-synchronous with periodic real-time sessions) and overall attention to customer service are excellent.”