Managing Project Risk and Integration

Quarter Academic Credit

Risks are bound to occur on any project, and can have serious consequences for a project’s scope, schedule, cost and quality. Designed for current and aspiring project management professionals, this course will teach students how an effective project manager identifies, analyzes, plans and controls project risks. Through interactive lectures and real-world case studies, students will interpret and analyze how project risk management integrates into project management methodology, techniques, tools and artifacts such as the project charter, project management plan and the stakeholder register. Furthermore, students will also gain a comprehension of how to draft and actively monitor a risk management plan and risk register over the course of a real project. By the end of this course, students will understand how to construct a change management plan, project closure workbook and other key project artifacts, and be able to apply these tools to their projects.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define, identify and create a system for implementing project risk management
  • Implement project risk management monitoring and control to projects
  • Utilize tools and techniques for managing project risks
  • Identify and create a system for implementing project change management in a project
  • Apply project integration management techniques by using the PMBOK project integration management framework

Skills You Will Gain

  • Risk management
  • Project integration management
  • Change management
Course Code