Managing Project Risk and Integration

Quarter Academic Credit

Project risk is an uncertain event or condition, if it occurs, has a positive or negative effect on one or more project objectives such as scope, schedule, cost, and quality.  Risks are bound to occur on any project.  Effective project managers must manage and control project risks to ensure project objectives are met. 

This course teaches how an effective project manager identifies, analyzes, plans and controls project risks. The student will interpret and analyze how project risk management integrates into project management methodology, techniques, tools, and artifacts such as the project charter, project management plan, and the stakeholder register. Furthermore, students will also demonstrate comprehension of how to draft and actively manage a risk management plan and risk register in the course of a real project.

This course also furthers the skills and application of project integration which focuses on directing, managing, monitoring and controlling a project.  Students will construct a change management plan, project closure workbook, and other key project artifacts.  This will help students learn how to properly manage and navigate project change and how to close a real project at time of completion.

This course is for professionals who plan, manage and control projects and anyone interested in learning the latest project management tools and methodologies. This course is also for anyone interested in learning key project risk management concepts and tools. Current project coordinators, project sponsors or Business Analysts wishing to expand their project management knowledge will also benefit. Anyone in the work place who finds themselves overseeing “special assignments” is likely performing project management activities and will benefit from the knowledge and skills acquired in this course.

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