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Find the Right Leadership Program for You

Looking to boost your management skills? Whether you’re a new or executive-level leader, UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) has a variety of leadership development programs designed to help those at all levels build their capacity to lead and effectively guide their teams to success.

Each of our programs targets specific skills to meet you where you're at in your journey as a leader to help you acquire strategies and knowledge you can use immediately. Our continuum of programs begins with developing and improving your own leadership skills and confidence. It progresses to team and organizational impact where you learn to inspire others, foster new leaders and manage organizational change and strategy. Our programs feature unique networking opportunities and a diverse group of instructors and guest speakers who are experts in business management, professional coaching, leadership and organizational development, and more.

Emerging Leader

Discover how to build a successful leadership strategy for individual and team development and understand how key performance indicators operate at every level of business leadership. Gain the knowledge and tools needed to cultivate a growth mindset for yourself, your team and your organization.

Session topics
  • Embracing a Growth Mindset: Explore how simply believing you can change makes an impact on personal growth and development.
  • Strengths-based Leadership: Unlock your talents and enhance your contribution to both the organization and your team by leveraging your strengths effectively. 
  • Communication Skills in the Workplace: Learn to reduce barriers to communication and practice skills for effectively sending and receiving communication.
  • Conflict in the Workplace: Explore your preferred methods of dealing with conflict and examine ways to use different approaches to help bring solutions to the most challenging circumstances.
  • Moving from Associate to Supervisor: Identify different types of leadership solutions for various situations and examine new goals and values for transitioning into your new role as a leader.
  • Business Acumen: Learn effective business leadership, how to make key decisions and how to create the best outcomes for your organization.
Designed for
  • New managers, team leads and those aspiring to move into leadership roles
  • 0-2 years of experience in role
  • Job titles like Team or Group Leader, Supervisor, Junior Manager, Assistant or Associate Manager, Project or Team Coordinator, Department Head, Shift Manager, Lead Analyst
Focus on

Leading Self, Leading Team

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Management Development Program

Explore evidence-based research, models and frameworks that focus on leadership, team development and business success. Learn how to increase your ability to communicate, foster a climate of inclusion and produce high-value results for your organization.

Session topics
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence: Learn the key skills that make up emotional intelligence and identify specific tools and strategies to improve your own emotional intelligence in the workplace.
  • Implicit Bias: Learn how leaders can implement practices to reduce the likelihood that biased beliefs will turn into biased behavior.
  • Exploring Personality: Using the DiSC Assessment, learn how to embrace more natural behaviors and work styles that better fit one's personality type, ultimately understanding yourself and your colleagues at a higher level.
  • Conversations with Intent: Gain a step-by-step approach to having tough conversations with less stress and more success.
  • Team Motivation: Learn techniques to increase motivation in the workplace.
  • Change Agent: Gain an understanding of how to help yourself and your team deal with change more effectively.
Designed for
  • Managers at all levels
  • 2 + years of experience in role
  • Job titles like Management Trainee, Management Associate, Assistant or Junior Manager, Management Development Program Participant, Leadership Development Intern, Management Analyst, Leadership Fellow, Future Leader and Talent Development Associate
Focus on

Leading Team, Leading Organization

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Executive Leadership Program

Join an elite group of executive-level leaders in this transformational experience that will help you grow your capacity as a leader. Through self-reflection and analysis, one-on-one coaching, 360-degree feedback and dynamic peer interactions, the program provides a path for achieving your goals and new approaches for leading with authenticity and impact.

Session Topics
  • Leadership POV and Leading Change: Explore a strengths-based approach to leading and embracing change.
  • Inclusive Leadership and Bias: Learn to assess your environment and take evidence-based steps to increase diversity and inclusion
  • Values and Leadership: Discover the importance of investing in your values and sharing your purpose.
  • 360 Outcomes: Focus on 360 strengths, coaching techniques that meet team members where they are and situational leadership.
  • Momentum and Strategy: Learn how to back out of the weeds and lead through challenging times.
  • Remote Leadership: Focus on connecting across miles and time zones.
  • Leading Innovation: Learn how to support big ideas and the people who have them.
  • Mindful Leadership: Explore the role of mindfulness and how to center your own reactions.
Designed for
  • Executive-level leaders
  • 5+ years of experience and 5+ direct reports
  • Job titles like: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, President, VP of Operations, VP of Marketing, Executive Director and General Manager
Focus on

Leading Self, Leading Team, Leading Organization

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DEI Training for the Workplace

Learn to build a diverse and equitable workplace and foster an inclusive working environment. These courses provide essential DEI training to make you more effective in creating and supporting equity and inclusivity in your organization.

  • Diversity Awareness in the Workplace: Gain a broad overview of DEI knowledge and tools for promoting respect, accountability and inclusion in the workplace, including fostering cultural diversity, relevant laws related to equal employment, and appropriate language and strategies for responding to workplace DEI issues.
  • Diversity Consciousness: Building a More Equitable Workplace: Discover diversity, equity and inclusion as frameworks for cultivating inclusive workplaces and how DEI concepts can inform practices and policies that promote diversity in action. Increase your understanding of bias and microaggressions, intercultural communication and inclusive language, and how to manage conflicts.
Designed for
  • DEI officers
  • Supervisors
  • HR professionals
  • Anyone committed to actively building an open and equitable workplace environment
Focus on

Leading Self, Leading Team, Leading Organization

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