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Instructor Spotlight: Megan Shapiro

Megan Shapiro joins UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education’s Construction Management Certificate Program, teaching Construction Law and Contracts—a course designed to elevate construction managers’ understanding of the legal issues that can arise in the construction process.

With over a decade of experience practicing construction law, Shapiro has seen it all. As a partner at Radoslovich | Shapiro, PC, she has represented owners, general contractors, subcontractors, design professionals and everything in between in all facets of construction law.

In addition to her legal practice, Shapiro is also a veteran instructor. She previously taught as an adjunct professor at McGeorge, coached for UC Davis undergraduate students in the mock trial program, and served as a moderator and panelist for the SRBX Women in Construction annual conference. Her construction law expertise has also been showcased in print, with her article, “Top 5 Things To Do If You Face a Lawsuit,” in Concrete Homes Magazine.

Why are you passionate about construction law?

I’m passionate about helping my construction clients be proactive in how they approach projects from the outset in a way that sets them up for success, mitigates risk and potential liability, and ultimately increases their profitability.

Why do you teach?

I am equally passionate about sharing my knowledge and my experience with students. I enjoy the opportunity for one-on-one interactions and witnessing that lightbulb moment when a concept or idea finally clicks.

What do you want students to take away from your course?

Construction law concepts are accessible to everyone. There doesn’t need to be a barrier to approaching these issues. This course will allow them to approach the work they do every day through a new, more comprehensive lens. Ideally, they will be able to use their knowledge to set their companies up for success and mitigate risk.

How would a student describe your teaching style?

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Check out Megan Shapiro’s course, Construction Law and Contracts, to learn how to recognize and mitigate legal issues that could arise during your construction projects.

Enthusiastic and simple. My students say that I excel at breaking down complex ideas into easily understandable pieces.

Why is construction law an important topic for construction managers?

Having a basic understanding of the legal concepts surrounding construction can benefit everyone within an organization, from the top down. If everyone approaches their job from a common place of understanding these ideas, then each person can move forward with the same goal of putting the company in the best possible position on each project. I think these skills are universally applicable to everyone employed in the construction industry. This knowledge can be leveraged in any position.

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