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Try a Zoom Class this Week

If you haven’t tried a Zoom class yet, this week is a good time to start with new offerings:

On Thursday May 14, 2020 at 10 a.m.-noon, we feature Professor Anita Oberolster’s lecture on Wine: Composition, Aroma, Taste and Mouthfeel. A portion of her discussion will focus on the affects of wildfire smoke in the flavor of recent vintages. There is still room to enroll in this course. You can do so on our website or by calling student services at (530) 757-8777. (Open M-F 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. – staff are working from home and will call you back.)

Also on Thursday from 1-2:30 p.m., hosts Morrie Kraemer and Larry Lobre are once again offering their FREE discussion group, Sharing Our DecadesEmail us at if you’d like an invite to join, and tell your friends! Please write: Sharing Our Decades – Add Me in the subject line of your email.  There is a limit of 50 participants in this Zoom classroom. We were happy to welcome several new visitors last week! The inaugural gathering was fun, comfortable and thought provoking as we visited memories from our lifetimes – the arrival of The Beatles in the USA, the Kennedy Assassination, Woodstock, the Vietnam Draft and Haight-Ashbury. It’s a casual atmosphere where you can connect with friends and neighbors and get used to the Zoom meeting space. We’re happy to help with your technical questions a half hour prior to class start time.

Already started but there's room for more:

The May 6, 2020 session of Kevin Elstob’s French Films: Screening the Female Gaze was exceptional! Students watched the assigned movies on Netflix from home and then attend a follow-up lecture the following week. The session received enthusiastic reviews and if you’re free (who isn’t these days?) why not sign up and join us? This week’s movie assignment is Divines (2016).

About the film: At the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, director Houda Benyamina won the Caméra d'Or for her film Divines. It is an urban thriller set in a gritty Parisian suburb where gangs and religious leaders compete for the hearts and minds of young people. The heroine “Dounia” is hungry for her share of power and success. So, with her best friend ‘Maimouna,” she decides to try to get into the good graces of “Rebecca,” a dealer that she respects. However, when Dounia meets a young talented dancer from a local dance studio, she sees life through another window where she glimpses a promise of other possibilities.

To enroll: Enroll online or contact our Student Services office at (530) 757-8777.  Leave a name and phone number where you can be reached to take your registration information and email us at for further directions from the instructor.