Two women sitting across from each other talking. One woman is holding a pad of paper and is writing down what the other says.

Professional Coaching

Coaching is a collaborative relationship between a trained coach and a client. Coaches make a visible, meaningful impact on the lives of others. They help their clients break through personal barriers and achieve progress and growth far beyond what they could accomplish on their own. Through active listening, powerful questions and direct observation, coaches guide clients through a process of self-discovery and support them in achieving their goals, improving their well-being and succeeding professionally and personally.

If you've thought of becoming a coach, or if you're already a coach and want to become certified by the International Coaching Federation, our Professional Coaching for Life and Work Certificate Program can help. This five-month, intensive program will teach you to facilitate communication and build trust, while creating a framework for your clients' personal and professional growth. Sign up for a free information session or click through to the certificate program to learn more.