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Our Faculty

Mitchel Adler, Psy.D.
Mitchel Adler is a licensed clinical psychologist, certified group psychotherapist and the creator of MindBodyIntelligence Consulting. He has served on the faculty of the UC Davis School of Medicine, and, as a professional speaker and consultant, has worked with numerous organizations including Genentech, the USDA Forest Service and others. Adler leads the Leading with Emotional Intelligence seminar.

Darrell Chambliss
Darrell Chambliss is the Executive Vice President and COO of Waste Connections, Inc. His experience in a variety of executive positions has spanned more than two decades, including division manager of U.S.A. Waste Services, Inc., where he was responsible for the operations of 19 companies as well as supervision and integrating acquisitions. He has also held various management positions with BFI. Chambliss is an alumnus of the UC Davis Executive Leadership Program and leads the Case Study: The Evolution of Waste Connections seminar

Elizabeth Doty, MBA
Elizabeth Doty is a leadership consultant with 23 years of experience working with companies—such as Symantec, Intuit, Hewlett Packard, Archstone and Cisco—to execute strategic initiatives and build cultures of commitment, collaboration and action. She was a 2013-2014 Lab Fellow at the Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard, where she focuses on how to create promise-keeping organizations. Doty leads Leading with Values and Commitments to Gain Organizational Momentum seminar.

Christine Folck, MBA
Christine Folck has over 20 years' experience in the healthcare industry as a senior design thinking specialist and innovation strategist. She contributes her unique skill set in LEAN, SixSigma, ethnography, healthcare, business and innovation strategy within large corporations, team leadership and facilitation. Folck leads the Leading with Innovation seminar.

Sharon Huntsman, M.S.
Sharon Huntsman, M.S., directs a portfolio of management and leadership open-enrollment and custom training programs for UC Davis Extension. She directs the UC Davis Executive Leadership Program, teaches leadership, strengths-based development and communication, and is an executive coach. She thrives when helping people, communities and organizations define their aspirations and develop the capacity to achieve them. Huntsman leads the Leadership Practices to Increase Effectiveness seminar.

Michelle Payne, MCC, PMC
Michelle Payne has coached executives across the United States, in the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Canada and Switzerland. As an internationally-recognized business adviser, Payne turned to coaching after a decade of executive leadership in the retail industry. As a master certified coach, she is in the top one percent of the executive coaching profession, and understands the political, cultural and competitive landscape of today’s organizations. She is passionate about helping others recognize their power and applying it to achieve goals, and knows how to leverage talent and develop leadership skills. Payne leads the Leading as a Coach seminar.

Paul Porter, Ed.D.
Paul Porter has been a teacher, counselor, director, school principal and university professor, as well as a school superintendent for 17 years. He is a well-known consultant and speaker and has worked with business and public agencies on the topics of leadership, team building, appreciative inquiry, management training, communication, dealing with difficult people, organizational development and motivation. Porter leads the Leader as Communicator seminar.

Janice Thompson, Ed.D.
Janice Thompson is Marshall Goldsmith Certified Stakeholder Centered Coach focusing on leadership coaching, succession planning and talent management, strategic visioning and retreat facilitation, change management and leadership development. She holds a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership. Thompson leads the Case Study.