Student Reviews

Andres Trillo

"The path of leadership does not have to be lonely. I enjoyed and learned enormously from the program during the structured sessions and from my peers. It forced me to exercise self-reflection and introspection with regard to what type of leader I want to become."

Andres Trillo
Human Resources manager for the Americas, Australia and New Zealand

Tom Hinds, Marketing Director, University Communications, UC Davis

"For me, this program was an important opportunity to reflect on how I could be more visionary, a more effective manager and a better employee. I believe I have grown to better see the big picture and be a better decision-maker. I appreciate having had the opportunity to participate."

Tom Hinds
Marketing Director
University Communications, UC Davis

David Chao, National Sales Manager, Cisco/WebEx

"I enrolled in the UC Davis Executive Program to round out my leadership skills, focusing on academic leadership. To my great surprise, much of what I learned I could apply immediately to my job. It was an excellent experience and I met quite a few outstanding individuals from the private and public sectors. I highly recommend the UC Davis Executive Program to anyone who wants to advance their career in a management/executive capacity."

David Chao
National Sales Manager

Elisabeth Sherwin, Executive Director, International House, UC Davis

"It was a pleasure to attend each session of the UC Davis Executive Program knowing that our group would hear from executives and academics studying business problems and solving business problems. The speakers were uniformly excellent. The classes gave us an opportunity to look at the big picture and see how we could contribute personally and collectively—and encourage others—to solve the many problems we all face."

Elisabeth Sherwin
Executive Director, International House Davis

Keith Swanson, Chief of Flood Maintenance, California Department of Water Resources

"Fantastic experience—I recommend this program to all who aspire to be true leaders! Discussions highlight seven distinct management styles and advantages of using four or more on a regular basis. Exceptional individuals lead weekly courses documenting real life management challenges. Classroom activities provide students with a structured environment to respond to hypothetical situations that represent realistic dilemmas leaders encounter."

Keith Swanson
Chief of Flood Maintenance
California Department of Water Resources

Ernie Tapia, Supervising Engineer, California Department of Water Resources

"A great program with energetic speakers that makes you want to go back to your organization and implement what you've learned in the program."

Ernie Tapia
Supervising Engineer
California Department of Water Resources

Gary Sandy, Director, Local Government Relations, UC Davis

"The UC Davis Executive Program gave me the knowledge to navigate an increasingly dynamic and complex work environment."

Gary Sandy
Director, Local Government Relations
UC Davis

Jain Fong, Information Systems Manager, California Department of Water Resources

"The UC Davis Executive Program is challenging and presents thought provoking and introspective ideas about what it means to be a leader and lead."

Jain Fong
Information Systems Manager
California Department of Water Resources

Ann Barry, Senior Strategic Account Manager, Sterling Commerce

"One of the things that made the Executive Program both interesting and beneficial was the diverse backgrounds of its instructors. Having such an array of qualified business professionals to learn from and work with in a close, group setting allowed for the development of real-life solutions and strategies to navigate today's challenging work environment."

Ann Barry
Sr. Strategic Account Manager (Technology)
Sterling Commerce

Ken Black, Assistant Superintendent Electric Operations, UC Davis

"The UC Davis Executive Program utilizes the best diverse methods of training and education for the business professional. It was extremely helpful and has intensified my sense of responsibility in assisting my organization accept change and reach new heights of excellence. This leadership program is a must for the business professional."

Ken Black
Assistant Superintendent
Electric Operations, UC Davis

Jack Coots, Agricultural Operations Manager, Durham Pump, Inc.

"The challenge for today's managers is to continue to be learners. The UC Davis Executive Program provides the training that keeps the top managers on top of their game.

Jack Coots
Agricultural Operations Manager
Durham Pump, Inc.

Grant Deary, General Manager, Nor-Cal Beverage Co.

"This program provided a fantastic and dynamic forum for exploring concepts, programs and strategic initiatives essential for today's executive leaders. Also, the benefit of networking amongst our class has been invaluable!"

Grant Deary
General Manager
Nor-Cal Beverage Co.

Dave Heglund, Production Manager, Vision Service Plan

"Overall, the UC Davis Executive Program is a shot of fresh perspectives addressing universal business disciplines. In particular, I appreciated the focus on how new technology is changing the way we must think about our business now and in the future."

Dave Heglund
Production Manager
Vision Service Plan

Mary Kessler, MIS Director, AgAmerica FCB/Western Farm Credit Bank

"It's been 10 years since I received my M.B.A., and with the demands of professional and personal life, it's hard to keep up with these disciplines. The UC Davis Executive Program provided the impetus to dive into a broad set of current management topics; the class discussions made the information come alive."

Mary Kessler
MIS Director
AgAmerica FCB/Western Farm Credit Bank

Donald J. Klingborg, D.V.M., Associate Dean of Extension and Public Programs

"Rapidly changing times - wall-to-wall with new challenges - require constant improvement in our evaluation process, management tools and leadership qualities. The UC Davis Executive Program provided me with renewed energy and allowed me to develop a thoughtful roadmap for tackling the challenges ahead."

Donald J. Klingborg, D.V.M.
Associate for Public Programs
Director for the Center of Continuing Professional Education
Director, Veterinary Medicine Extension
School of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis

Debbie Langsea, Program Manager

"The UC Davis Executive Program effectively merges application, theory and experiences in an interactive dynamic forum. I recommend it for executive leaders seeking to make a difference in today's work environment."

Debbie Langsea
Chief, Audit Division
Franchise Tax Board

Steven Rex Moore, President and CEO

"I enjoyed the UC Davis Executive Program. I had a chance to meet and exchange ideas and concepts with a great cross section of participants from both the private and public sectors."

Steven Rex Moore
President and CEO
Rex Moore Electrical Contractors and Engineers

Vick Reedy, Manager of Training, Department of Water Resources

"The California Department of Water Resources has participated in he UC Davis Executive Program for the past 10 years. The program has helped our leaders meet the challenges of today's changing workplace. The program not only offers the opportunity to learn from world-renowned experts, but it also offers the advantage of interacting with and learning from leaders in private industry and government agencies."

Vicky Reedy
Manager of Training
Department of Water Resources

Deborah Rickman, Program Director, Aerojet

"Each session provided tools that I could take back to the office and apply ... The interaction and networking with other program participants was excellent."

Deborah Rickman
Program Director

Cheryl Rudd, Director of External Affairs, SBS Pacific Bell

"I highly recommend the UC Davis Executive program to anyone interested in becoming a better leader. It has been tremendously valuable to me. I'm constantly utilizing techniques that were shared as part of the program."

Cheryl Rudd
Director of External Affairs
SBS Pacific Bell

Mark Voiselle, General Manager, Jensen Precast

"I would definitely recommend the UC Davis Executive Program to a colleague because this is a unique educational opportunity, facilitated by some of the most learned and experienced names in high level business today."

Mark Voiselle
General Manager
Jensen Precast


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