Leadership Limited Open Enrollment Offerings

Global Market Research Offerings

Research Design and Decision Making (Half-day course)

In this module, participants will be able to define what global market research is and identify the tools that might be used. They will be able to discuss the various motivations behind a research inquiry and what goes into a market research request. The services, roles and qualities of a market researcher will be discussed. In addition, qualitative and quantitative research will be explored, identifying reasons why one might suit a project better than another. Finally, participants will also be able to identify constraints to help ask the right questions and be able to respond to a market research proposal.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recall and list common global market research tools
  • Define qualitative research and how it differs from quantitative research
  • Assess the credibility and value of secondary research
  • Determine possible market restrains for any given situation
  • Compose a professionally packaged research plan or proposal

COST: $3,600

Market Intelligence (Half-day course)

In this workshop, participants will be able to find the story in the data and shape it to contribute to a compelling market research presentation. Skillsets covered are synthesizing the data, selecting the appropriate tools to analyze the product or service and determining how consumers view the market. Participants will also define terminology and essential concepts that will equip them to be conversant and more confident in the market research field.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify how to synthesize research findings and develop insights
  • Compare and contrast internal and external market research
  • Understand how to communicate market research findings to others
  • Describe the importance of communication when responding to an inquiry

Cost: $3,600

Leadership Development Offerings

Conflict in the Workplace (Half-day course)

Though conflict is a situation that occurs daily, it often makes people uncomfortable. Learning to surface issues within the workplace and successfully navigate challenging situations with direct reports, peers, and/or supervisors where emotions run high and positive outcomes are critical is an integral leadership skill. Participants in this session will have the ability to look at their preferred methods of dealing with conflict through the lens of the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) assessment and examine ways to use different approaches to help bring solutions to the most challenging circumstances.

Learning Outcomes

  • Receive personal conflict preferences via TKI Report
  • Identify different conflict styles
  • Describe which conflict styles result in which outcomes
  • Apply different conflict styles to role play experiences

Note: Includes assessment

Cost: $4,450

Communication Skills in the Workplace (Half-day course)

When communication is effective, we benefit by saving time, money, and experiencing more productive contacts. In this class, participants will examine barriers to communication, and learn ways to reduce them. In addition, they will practice the skills necessary for effectively sending and receiving communication.

Learning Outcomes

  • Examine the need to match what intention to perception
  • Review guidelines for excellent communication
  • Identify the impact of body language, tone of voice, and words used when communicating with others
  • Develop an action plan for using these skills in the workplace

Cost: $3,400

Cultural Awareness and Unconscious Bias (Half-day course)

This workshop will explore cultural competence and invite participants to explore their own attitudes, beliefs and practices about differences, and how these may influence behavior and decision making related to the people we serve. Participants will be provided with information that will challenge them to shift their mindset, skills to help make connections and increase understanding for the populations they serve, and resources to aid them in providing service with compassion, respect and appreciation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss how prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination impact how we react and relate to one another
  • Increase awareness of perceptual filters in order to minimize the impact on our work as professionals
  • Identify the ways in which bias can be automatic
  • Practice moving from thinking about bias to taking meaningful steps to overcome it

Cost: $3,400

Polarity Thinking (Half-day course)

Polarities are interdependent pairs that need each other over time to maintain and gain performance. Since polarities are unavoidable, they are present in every individual, team, organization and nation. This workshop looks at the polarities that exist in our day to day activities and explores how to make them work for leaders.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe what interdependence is and how it works
  • Differentiate between problems to be solved and interdependencies to be leveraged
  • Identify ways of getting unhooked and unstuck from entrenched conflict

Cost: $3,400