Open Campus General Information

Important Enrollment Dates

2023-2024 UC Davis Open Campus Enrollment Deadlines
Fall Winter Spring
Instruction and in-person enrollment begins 09/27/23 01/08/24 04/01/24
Deadline for passed/not passed or noncredit 10/31/23 02/12/24 05/03/24
Deadline to enroll* 10/31/23 02/12/24 05/03/24
Final day to drop a course 12/08/23 03/15/24 06/06/24
Instruction ends 12/08/23 03/15/24 06/06/24
Quarter ends 12/15/23 03/22/24 06/13/24

Please note: Open Campus deadlines are not the same as UC Davis deadlines. Late enrollments will not be accepted.
*Last day to withdraw with a refund, minus a $30 processing fee. Withdrawals after this date will not be entitled to a refund.


As an Open Campus student, you can take up to 8 quarter units of undergraduate work (course numbers 1-198), 4 quarter units of graduate work (course numbers 200 and above) or 5 units of combined graduate and undergraduate courses per quarter. If you plan to transfer credits earned through Open Campus toward a degree, talk to your academic advisor before enrolling to ensure that your Open Campus work will be accepted.

Note: UC Davis international students seeking readmission must maintain a full course load of 12 units. Work with your UC Davis academic advisor to obtain approval from the College Dean's Office.

Petition to Exceed Unit Maximum

If you want to request to take courses that have a combined unit total exceeding the limits noted above, you must submit a Petition to Exceed Unit Maximum. This form must be returned by the deadline to the UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education Student Services office for approval. If your petition is approved, you may complete your enrollment. Your Petition to Exceed Unit Maximum must be completed prior to enrollment.

Students taking courses for readmission to UC Davis should attach an academic plan, approved by a UC Davis academic advisor, to the Petition to Exceed Unit Maximum.


Enrollment Fee

Enrollment fees are due at the time of enrollment, and in no case later than the enrollment deadline.

The per-unit enrollment fee is $300 per academic unit. The per-unit enrollment fee is subject to change without notice. Fees for courses that are part of the self-supporting master’s degree program in Forensic Science is at the rate paid by the students in those programs.

Semester-length courses will be charged a higher per-unit fee determined at the time of enrollment.

Late Enrollment

Late enrollments will not be accepted.

Administrative Fee for International Students

A $490 fee is required for international students seeking readmission to their UC Davis degree program.

Academics and Recreation Center Fee

Open Campus students participating in physical education classes held at the Activities and Recreation Center will need to purchase a pass for the quarter. Open Campus students are eligible for the affiliate rate at the ARC.


UC Davis Alumni Association members and UC Davis career and academic staff are eligible for discounts on Open Campus courses; eligibility to be confirmed at time of enrollment and payment. For more information on discount values and exceptions, please visit here.

Please note: Discounts should be requested at time of enrollment and cannot be applied after enrollment is submitted.

Financial Aid

While Open Campus students are not eligible for federal or state-funded financial aid, options for financing your education include private alternative loans and direct-to-consumer loans. For more information about private alternative loans please visit our student loan information page.

How to Enroll

Thank you for your interest in the UC Davis Open Campus program.

How to Enroll