Open Campus Enrollment Policies

Please note: As an Open Campus student it is your responsibility to submit all necessary forms, petitions and fees before the published deadlines. Failure to comply could result in additional fees and/or no credit.


A request to withdraw from a course must be received in writing by the published final day for schedule adjustment (add or drop) deadline. Requests for late action due to academic reasons or simple failure to drop the course prior to the deadline will not be approved. Failure to complete the work in a class or file a withdrawal request by the deadline may result in a failing grade.

Refund Request

Refunds for course withdrawals will be granted, minus a $30 processing fee for each course, if the request to withdraw with a refund is received by the published (add or drop) deadline to enroll date.

Transfer of Credits

Some colleges and universities may limit the number of transfer credits. It is important to contact the institution you plan to apply to prior to enrolling in Open Campus classes. Former UC Davis students taking Open Campus courses for credit toward readmission to UC Davis should consult with their school or college academic advisor before enrolling. Prospective graduate students are advised to contact their graduate program advisor before enrolling in courses to be applied to a graduate degree. UC Davis limits the use of Open Campus course work to 12 units toward graduate degree requirements, if taken prior to admission to a graduate program.


Most UC Davis courses are open for enrollment on a space-available basis with consent of the instructor. However, some courses have special requirements for enrollment or are not available to Open Campus students:

Courses Requiring Two Signatures

Enrollment in the following courses requires two signatures (one from the instructor and one from the dean of the school or college, or chair of the department):

  • Directed Group Study courses with numbers 98, 198, 298 and 398
  • Any course taken in the College of Engineering
  • MGT 11A and 11B (Elementary Accounting offered by the Graduate School of Management)
  • Self supporting master's degree program in Forensic Science


The following courses have specific requirements for enrollment:

Chemistry – All students interested in enrolling in Chemistry 2A (General Chemistry) or 2AH (Honors General Chemistry) must pass qualifying exams for both Chemistry and Precalculus. (Please see the UC Davis General Catalog for additional information.)

Mathematics – Students interested in enrolling in MAT 12 (Precalculus), 16A (Short Calculus), 17A (Calculus for Biology and Medicine) and 21A (Calculus) must satisfy the mathematics placement requirement. Students who do not take the examination or do not receive a qualifying score must withdraw by the published deadline in order to receive a refund.

For more information on the chemistry and mathematics exams, contact the UC Davis Student Academic Success Center.


The following courses are not available through the Open Campus program:

  • Credit by examination.
  • Special Study, Individual Study or Research courses with numbers 99, 199, 299 or 399
  • School of Medicine professional courses (any series 300 or 400 course)
  • School of Veterinary Medicine professional courses (any series 300 or 400 course)
  • Courses in the Law School and the Graduate School of Management (except MGT 11 A & B)
  • Select Mathematics courses: MAT B Elementary Algebra; MAT C Trigonometry; MAT D Intermediate Algebra
  • Applied Study of Music courses: MUS 130 and MUS 131
  • Online Health Informatics courses: MHI 211 and MHI 215

UC Davis Students

If you are planning to use academic credit earned through the Open Campus program toward a UC Davis degree or readmission to UC Davis, it is very important that you consult with an academic advisor in the appropriate UC Davis school or college before enrolling to be sure that your Open Campus credit will be accepted.

UC Davis students on Planned Educational Leave and undergraduate students who left UC Davis without earning a degree are not eligible to enroll in the Open Campus program until 12 months after the end of their last quarter of enrollment at UC Davis. You may request an exception from the dean’s office of the appropriate UC Davis school or college. An exception letter signed by the dean of the appropriate school or college must be provided to UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education prior to enrolling in an Open Campus course.

Open Campus academic records are separate from UC Davis academic records. In order to apply academic credit earned through the Open Campus program you will need to request an official transcript of your Open Campus coursework from UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education.