Student Reviews

Debbie Sigal

"I was very lucky to be able to take the courses that I needed at a reputable university with well-respected professors."

Laurie Hopkins 
"For someone like me, needing to fill the considerable gaps between a B.A. in English and graduate study in toxicology, Open Campus made it possible for me to go forward. UC Davis' Open Campus provided the access I needed to essential courses in preparation for graduate school; without them, I would not have been accepted."

John Kim
"I enrolled in the Open Campus program to meet the upper division requirements for veterinary medical school. I was a managerial economics major and had limited classes in biological sciences."

Teresa Ellis

"I was 'between degrees' and the courses at UC Davis Open Campus facilitated my admission to a Ph.D. program."

Jeffrey Wingert

"I always wanted to return and finish what I started. The Open Campus program allowed me to get back into school without having to be an officially enrolled student, and I am now on track to be re-admitted and complete my degree."

Phillip Pellette

"The Open Campus option allowed me to take challenging, interesting and pertinent courses taught by exceptional professors while I worked on admission to the Ph.D. program. The Open Campus program facilitated resumption of academic studies and entry into the formal program."

Danielle Adragna

"My counselor from junior college recommended the program, and I [enrolled] so I could get some classes out of the way. I was then accepted for fall quarter."