Grades and Transcripts


All Open Campus courses are graded and subject to the same grading policies as UC Davis students. Grade reports are mailed to the student four to six weeks after the end of the quarter. Open Campus grades are collected by and maintained at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education and can be transferred to UC Davis or other institutions by official transcript.

Passed/Not Passed

Students wishing to take a course as P/NP rather than for a letter grade must submit a petition by the published deadline. Petitions for P/NP are available at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education, or you can submit a written request to UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education by mail, fax or in person.

Under the UC Davis P/NP grade policy, undergraduate students are assigned a P grade for coursework receiving a C- or better, while graduate students are assigned an S grade for graduate level coursework receiving a B- or better or undergraduate level coursework receiving a C- or better. If you plan to transfer credit earned on a P/NP basis, you should verify the acceptability of P/NP grading with the institution to which you plan to transfer credit.


Auditing of classes is allowed in the UC Davis Open Campus program only with payment of full course fees and submission of a petition for grading option change.

General Education Requirements

For those taking Open Campus classes toward an undergraduate degree at UC Davis, please keep in mind that students may take courses P/NP to fulfill their General Education requirements, up to the limits set by college and campus regulations. A student must satisfy the Entry Level Writing Requirement (formerly known as the Subject A requirement) before receiving General Education credit for coursework. Refer here for additional information on GE and other requirements.


An Incomplete (I) grade may be assigned in an Open Campus course by an instructor when a student’s work is of passing quality for a significant portion of the class requirements, but is incomplete for a good cause as determined by the instructor. At the time of the I grade assignment, UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education will send a letter advising the student how to replace the

I grade upon completion of the course work identified by the instructor. An Incomplete

grade must be replaced by a valid grade (letter, P, or S grade) before the end of the third succeeding quarter (excluding summer sessions) in which you were enrolled in courses

at UC Davis (as a regularly enrolled UC Davis or Open Campus student). Incomplete grades not resolved by that time will revert to a failing grade. Please see the UC Davis General Catalog for more information on grading policies that apply to Open Campus students.


We offer streamlined online transcript ordering here.  Your academic record at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education is separate from any record you may have at UC Davis. Your Open Campus course credit may be added to your UC Davis record upon admission or readmission based on submission of an official UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education transcript. UC Davis will compute grade points for Open Campus courses that are accepted for a degree upon admission or readmission. Order your transcript.